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A number of popes have written encyclicals on the rosary and its meaning to Catholics and the world at large. These are the major encyclicals I've been able to find the full text of and an abbreviated version of Consueverunt Romani, an encyclical of Pope Saint Pius V written 17 September 1569. There are even earlier references I've also not been able to locate. If found I'll add them. Note that while not an encyclical, I have also included Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae because of its profound effect on the saying of the Rosary.

Pope Saint Pius V
Consueverunt Romani
[On the Rosary]
(September 17, 1569)

Pope Leo XIII

Supremi Apostolatus Officio
[On Devotion of the Rosary]
(September 1, 1883)

Superiore Anno
[On the Recitation of Rosary]
(August 30, 1884)

Quod Auctoritate
[Proclaiming An Extraordinary Jubilee]
(December 22, 1885)

Vi E Ben Noto
[On the Rosary and Public Life]
(September 20, 1887)

Quamquam Pluries
[On Devotion to St. Joseph]
(August 15, 1889)

Octobri Mense
[On the Rosary]
(September 22, 1891)

Magnae Dei Matris
[On the Rosary]
(September 8, 1892)

Laetittiae Sanctae
[Commending Devotion to the Rosary]
(September 8, 1893)

Iucunda Semper Expectatione
[On the Rosary]
(September 8, 1894)

Adiutricem Populi
[On the Rosary]
(September 5, 1895)

Fidentem Piumque Animum
[On the Rosary]
(September 20, 1896)

Augustissimae Virginis Mariae
[On The Confraternity Of The Holy Rosary]
(September 12, 1897)

Diuturni Temporis
[On The Rosary]
(September 5, 1898)

Pope Benedict XV

Fausto Appetente Die
[On St. Dominic]
(June 29, 1921)

Pope Pius XI

Ingravescentibus Malis
[On the Rosary]
(September 29, 1937)

Pope Pius XII

Ingruentium Malorum
[On Reciting the Rosary]
(September 15, 1951)

Pope John XXIII

Grata Recordatio
[On the Rosary]
(September 26, 1959)

Pope Paul VI

Christi Matri
[On Praying the Rosary During the Month of October]
(September 15, 1966)

Marialis Cultus
[Apostolic Exhortation For The Right Ordering And Development Of Devotion To The Blessed Virgin Mary]
(February 2, 1974)

Pope John Paul II

Redemptoris Mater
[On The Blessed Virgin Mary In The Life Of The Pilgrim Church]
(March 25, 1987)

Apostolic Letter
Rosarium Virginis Mariae

[On the Most Holy Rosary]
(October 16, 2002)


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