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Instructions for downloading and using the standalone rosary PDF file are on this page.

A copy of the rosary section of this web site is available for download and local use. Please note that you must have a version of Adobe's PDF Reader or some other program that will display PDF files in order to access this file. Please don't download if you do not meet this criterion; it will only waste your time and my bandwidth allocation.

This file is free and must remain so. Please obey the restrictions if you give it to others. They are on the first page that displays and are repeated here:

This file is freeware. It is nevertheless protected by copyright law. The copyright holder wishes this file to be available FREE of any charge and therefore forbids any charge for distribution (aside from whatever normal charges might apply for download time). This program may not be placed on any CD (or other distribution medium) the user pays for as a collection; and no "copying charge" or the like may be charged for this file. (If there are any questions about distribution opt for not distributing and then ask me for permission.)


You will be downloading a zip file. Place the zip file in any directory you wish on your system and then use whatever unzip utility you have to unzip the archive into whatever directory you wish (there will be two files: rosary.pdf and readme.txt; the latter being a text version of this page). Once on your system display the directory the file rosary.pdf is in using Windows Explorer and simply double click on the rosary.pdf file to start it. If it does not run the Adobe Reader when you double click on the PDF file then please consult Adobe documentation to see how to set it as the default viewer for PDF files. For future access you may right click on the file and drag it onto your desktop, creating a shortcut. (Click here if you don't understand what a zip file is or how to handle it.)

When the rosary.pdf file opens it will start the PDF reader and display the rosary file (this page should be the first seen). You do not have to be connected to the internet for this to work, although any links that point outside the rosary section of the web site will not work unless you are connected. Close the PDF reader to exit.

The Adobe Reader is not my product. As such, I can make no guarantees it will work for every configuration and cannot provide support if problems arise. The program has been tested on a number of systems without problems; but with computers one cannot count on everything working on every system. I'm sorry, but that's just the way of the world of computers today.


Two versions of the download are available: short and long. The short version contains just the rosary pages. The long version contains both the rosary and all the encyclical text. Please only download the short version if that's all you need.

OK, we're done with the boilerplate and administrivia. Click on the appropriate link below to download the zip file and enjoy...

Download Short Rosary File (628K)

Download Long Rosary File (1203K)

If you wish more information about the Rosary and/or the Catholic faith please see the More Information page.


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