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Bonelli House

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The Bonelli Family is known through its members settling in Utah and Arizona. The family comes from Weingarten, Thurgau, Switzerland where they are known by the name Bommeli (the name was changed in Mormon records on the conversion of Hans George Bommeli).

George, with his second wife and two daughters, moved to Southern Nevada; his son Johann Daniel followed three years later. Daniel was sent to the Santa Clara Valley by Brigham Young. He eventually settled in Rioville, Nevada at the junction of the Virgin and Colorado Rivers. One of Daniel's sons, George, born in 1869, settled in Kingman and became a business success with a general store, a jewelry and engraving business, and a meat market in Chloride.

The Bonelli House sits across from the courthouse and next to the civic center buildings. This view looks down the street from the house.

Downtown Kingman]

Bonelli House

The house, the second built on the site (the original frame house burned), was built in 1915. It is constructed of locally-quarried tufa stone and the inner walls are covered with a fire resistant plaster. The thick walls are good insulation and every room in the house has access to a covered porch; providing excellent year-round thermal control (on a really hot day one could sleep on the porch).


Rooms in the house were large and a chimney in the center of the house provided heat during the winter. The kitchen stove also provided heat during the winter and through an interesting plumbing system also heated water for the house.


The Bonelli House is owned by the City of Kingman and curated by the Mohave County Historical Society. For tours contact the Mohave Museum of History and Arts.

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